Saturday, December 18, 2010

Home cook dinner been long time i never cook dinner for family..
Last Sunday, i decided to cook some simple dishes for them.
indeed, my cooking skills is still that

look tasty

~Honey Lemon Chicken Wing~

~Oyster Sauce Cabbage~

~Stir Fry Vege~

~Sweet Sour Chicken~

Last but not less..Tofu...

Monday, November 15, 2010

Paintball or PAINball??hm..

Last Thursday went to have a Paintball session with my classmate. Its was a very good and painful experience for all of us.lolx..
However luck wasn't on our side because on that day it been a hot day
and sudden black cloud came and it rain when we reach the park..
so..we have to wait until the rain get smaller be4 start our WAR...
while waiting, we divide into 2 groups...
my group captain is..Mr.Goh..and he picked all small size ppl..=="
Once the rain get smaller, the instructor giving briefing on the safety..
once done..
The war start...horrah....
some pic taken during that time...

US...before the game start..



Organizer...wooot...thx for everything..

Ready..1..2..3...GO GO GO

Run for cover...

Me...heading back to base..

Randy covering fire

Mr. Goh..sneaking at enemy..

Kenny...saw his undie (shy)

Kit zai..cover gao gao..haha

last but not least....the TAnker

Thursday, October 7, 2010

IMMA not dead yet

IMMA not Dead yet
IMMA jz lazy to what happened in my life?lotzs..haha...
Couple thing happend during these day...
a FLASH BACK what happened...tadaaaa!!!

Celebrate Samuel 21th Birthday..woot..congratz

We been to BROGA HILL..woo @@

1st time whole class go for movie..rare experience..haha

and there lotz thing happening..and recently i found out..our friendship bond are just
getting stronger..that what i saw today when result out..fren comfort each other
cheering and support each other..glad to have u guys...keep it up....


Next Post..IPOH + Cameron Highland Trip..

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

DMK Gathering

Its been so long since we having gathering..and having such many ppl coming.
First thanks Erica for organize the dinner although 5 of us just show
but after the dinner session was fun la..the 'rest' of DMK show up for after dinner party.
Having dinner at Chillis KLCC..and Kah Teen and Siew Ling come all the way from Melaka
reli glad u come..biasa la..u the Cls rep..sure must show
After dinner..we went to Over Time at Kl Life Center..the place where Ruums use to
At there we having a blast with those live band performing and awesome DJ..
Or i can DMK rocks..with you guys around..anything can be so fun...
especially Kah Teen around..be4 start drink he sudah
some picture to share with..

A nice place to awesome live band thr..woot...

Edmund Song officially start the the beer barrel..let it pour..woot!!!

Drinks of the nite...

Hot Chick Erica..the organizer of this

The Guys Team..lots gone

The Girls Team..more the the guys.

Ginny Bf...damn tall..our cls ppl pun lose to him..wahaha

Asher and Fuji...long time nv see Fuji ady...pretty kan..haha

Gay-ness..but Kah Teen seem

As usual la..Kah Teen get the party start..he ady active

Yup..ini lah Ex-DMK the most happening cls ever lol. ..some cant attend...

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Happy Birthday to Dear!!!

Happy 23th birthday to Dear...this year is the 1st time i celebrate birthday wif u..nth much..jz a simple dinner at Chillis and some cake..hope u like it..i nt much a planner..hehe..oh ya..and hope you like the present i bought for you..kinda hard for me to buy present for girls..hehe...
nth much to say....some pic to share wif..

our and guava..nice as ever.hehe

some appetizer before the meal..bottomless chip..hehe

Mine..Lamb...but shitness..too rare ady..haha

Her's..sandwiches..itu pun cant

Little did we know..she less take pic wif me..haha..she shy or wat i pun tak tau..

last but not least,dear hope you enjoy ur birthday celebration wif me
and also hope you like the present i bought..
Dear..happy birthday to you..I LOVE YOU

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Happy Birthday To Me

7th March..its my birthday..nth special this year..
jz a simple dinner with my friend and her..hehe..
been to San Fransisco Steak House at Mid Valley,
the food there was fine though..hehe..
anyway..thx Farn Jun,Boon Kee,Sean and GF, Wee Jian,
Wei Jie,Ryan, Poh Meau for coming..hehe..thx alotz
and i was cake...sumore nid
sing birthday song..malu sia..haha..
i am reli thx for that...
too bad..forgot to bring camera..
so jz able to snap some of pic only.....hehe

free bread be4 the meal

Rib eye

Chicken Maryland..the corn was big..

Our Cherry Meau order duckling..reli diff from the

the cake they bought...thx guys..

Ryan wif his dishes..Rib Eye..salivating when see..haha

Meau aka Cherry...wif her

Siong and his gf Shi Pei..stay sweet ya..haha

that all..sorry for those nv take pic..haha..
pai seh pai seh..
the following day spend went to 1utama
wif her and my bro n